Why compare Kohli and Tendulkar when you can feel proud to have them?

After a series of exceptional performances , Virat Kohli has been in the limelight. From former greats to the billion fans, all have been chanting only one name: VIRAT KOHLI. Hashtags like Chasemaster and NextGod have been flowing on social media. He surely deserves every bit of it, however some of it is totally uncalled for.

The comparison with Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest batsman to have ever played the game is absolutely unfair and not healthy. That it is the business end of a World Cup, only makes the point strong.

There are two facets to this:
One, we are undermining the achievements of the master
Second, we are adding undue pressure and a huge burden of expectations on Virat.

The last thing one would want is these comparisons affecting his performances.

We are not new to these comparisons. Earlier it was Gavaskar and Sachin being compared. All three of these gems of world cricket have played in different generations, played in varied conditions ,faced different bowlers. Such comparisons are baseless and instead of focusing our energy on it we must feel proud to have all three of them in succession.

When Gavaskar retired , We had Sachin smashing bowlers all round the park. When Sachin hung his boots a few years ago ,we had Virat fully acclimatized to international cricket.
We are fortunate enough to have not been in a situation like Sri Lanka where after the duo of Sangakkara and Jayawardena decided to call it a day, the others have found it difficult to raise their games.

We should focus on producing more of  Gavaskars, Tendulkars and Kohlis, so that we are never in the dearth of talent.